Letter of Solidarity Against Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

GPAC has been part of this solidarity campaign, and will be coordinating followup work on building alliances against enforced disappearances in Pakistan in the future. Please get in touch for more information on [email protected].

Note: Sammi Baloch, the General Secretary of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and the daughter of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, will mark 14 years since her father was forcibly disappeared by Pakistani security forces on 28 June 2023. Read her personal appeal for solidarity on this link.

To sign this letter of solidarity click here.

ON THE 14TH ANNIVERSARY OF DR DEEN MOHAMMAD’S DISAPPEARANCE We sign this letter in solidarity with Sammi Baloch and her search for her father, Dr Deen Mohammad, who was forcibly disappeared in the middle of the night by Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps. On 28 June 2023, Sammi will mark 14 years since her father was abducted from a hospital. While on night duty, he was brutally beaten, blind-folded, hand-cuffed, and thrown into a military vehicle to never be seen again…(continue reading)