How Can Current Struggles in Lebanon & Iran Come Together in a Revolutionary Socialist Direction? Statement from Alliance of MENA Socialists

It is not enough to speak out against the corruption of the Lebanese and the Iranian governments and demand efficient management.  It is not enough to speak out against privatization.  It is not even enough to expose these states as exploitative capitalist and authoritarian.   It is evident  that  Iran’s militarized and religious fundamentalist  state capitalism plays an important role in promoting the suffering of the people in the region,  including Syria,  Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.     Lebanon,  despite being perceived as a “democracy’,  has been very quickly entrenching the authoritarian aspect of its regime through state and militia crackdowns.

While acknowledging this reality,  what we need , are active forms of solidarity between the current mass protests in Lebanon and the labor struggles in Iran.  We also need active solidarity between feminist activists in both countries.   Our respective struggles need to clearly spell out radical goals that go beyond simply opposing the current political system.  We need to explicitly state that without a fundamental transformation in labor conditions,  without ending the dehumanization of women,   without ending the Kafala system in its variety of forms,  without ending anti-Black racism, without ending  discrimination against Kurds and other oppressed minorities including sexual minorities,  and without preserving and detoxifying our environment,  we will not move forward.

Read the full statement on the website of the Alliance of MENA Socialists.